One Little Word

I am here. Let myself be here. One Little Word.

One Little Word: Mindful2

I have been following Ali Edwards’ blog, for years and years. And following her one little word® projects for years and years. Being on maternity leave has rejuvenated my love for bloggers and personal growth, so I decided to dive in and join the OLW community – with monthly prompts and worksheets. Technically I should have chosen my word at the beginning of January (and not the end of it). #sorrynotsorry

The word I chose to follow me throughout 2015 is MINDFUL. Paying attention and being aware of what is happening in my every day life. I need to look for the the good, the messages and the synchronicity. I need to be more present without judgement in every moment. I have to be mindful even when my mind is full. Especially when my mind is full.

One Little Word: Mindful

The present is filled with joy and happiness. I am trying to enjoy the beauty and chaos of being a mom of two.  Maybe there will come a time when I’ll miss the clinginess, the baby puke, the waking in the middle of the night, the toilet accidents, the endless hours of spiderman and batman, the being late for everything, the unkempt house and leftover dinners.  Maybe when I’m old and grey, I will yearn for these days full of activity and life.  Probably not. But I need to recognize these moments as my moments. My present. This is the stuff of life. I can’t avoid it.

Interestingly enough, mindfulness (along with Growth Mindset) is the current buzz in the educational field. I didn’t chose this word based on that (I’m not that nerdy), but I am curious for when I return to work, how my focus on my own mindfulness will translate into teaching kids about how to be mindful, aware and resilient.

Pay attention. Wherever I am, be all there.

What is your one little word?

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