Abigail: 6 months


weight. You are a whole 12lbs 11 oz. In the zero’th percentile. You’ve more than doubled your birth weight. You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.

eyes. Blueish- your eye colour looks like mine.

hair. dark blond and fuzzy.

feeding. You are a champion cluster-feeder. Yay. Still prefer leftie. Big time.

sleeping . You are a good night sleeper – but unless you are in your carseat, your napping needs work.

things you love. Your brother, playing with your toes, peek-a-boo, kisses, snuggles, , driving, being upright, reading books, kids, more toys.

things you don’t love. Being “left” on your back. You quickly turn over to your tummy.

other awesome things you do. You can sit up unassisted for a few minutes. You like to roll (both ways) and reach for toys. You’ve started to put more things in your mouth. Two teeth are starting to make their appearance.

xo Abigail.

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