Eli is 4.

Dear Elijah Myles,

You are four!


You are silly and goofy and playful.
You are the best big brother – so sweet and loving.
You are wacky and high-energy.
You love reading books and doing mazes.
You tell epic stories and have an amazing memory.
You sing all day long. Never ending.
You can be serious one minute and full of laughs the next.
You tell me you love me at least 16 times a day and need to be touching at all times.
You are crazy for superheroes of all shapes and sizes.
You love climbing and wrestling and dressing in costumes.
You pick your nose way too much and like to hang out without your pants on.
You are very sociable and agreeable and love your friends.
You are curious about life and question everything.
You want to do everything independently.


Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy I know. You fill my heart with love.