A Superhero 4th Birthday Party

Eli turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, and this year – for the very first time – I decided to actually plan a superhero 4th birthday party. With a birthday landing in the middle of February when we always have a couple of feet of snow and way-too-cold temperatures, an indoor party was in order. We held the fête in Rob’s school gym with 10 of his closest friends.

superhero 4th birthday party

For the invites, I glued some crafty classified ads to black card stock, added a superhero sticker and a speech bubble that said “Calling all Superheroes”. The backside gave the information as to where and when. It invited kiddos to Superhero Training and instructed them to come in costume (of choose a new identity upon arrival). Thanks for the idea Studio Calico!

superhero 4th birthday party

We had Eli’s superhero play sets and books set out for the first arrivals, as well as tattoos and blank superhero paper dolls to colour. Once everyone arrived, Ghostbuster Rob (in true teacher-mode) led the littles through a series of superhero training stations.

Station 1) Warm-up: A variety of stretches
Station 2) Strength Training: Dead lifting a barbell and “karate chopping” some styrofoam boards.

superhero 4th birthday party

Station 3) WonderWoman’s Lasso practice – (Throw hula hoops over pylons)
Station 4) Agility Training: Webs + Balance (Crawl underneath webs and cross over hot lava)
Station 5) Leap over tall buildings in a single bound (Painted boxes to look like buildings)

superhero 4th birthday party

Station 6) Jumping on the giant high jump mat… because, why not?
Station 7) Safety Clearance: Diffuse Bombs (stomp balloons) and Collect Kryptonite (collect glow sticks in the dark Bat Cave)

superhero 4th birthday party kryptonite

Station 8) Hulk Smash: Wearing hulk gloves smash through brick walls (painted boxes)

superhero 4th birthday party hulk smash

Station 9) Target Practice: Using Spidey Spray (click photo of cans for free printable labels)

spidey spray - funkylindsay

After the stations were complete, each hero was awarded with a Certificate – admitting them officially into the Justice League. As this was finishing, two super-villains arrived (thanks to the dads!) and tried to steal Eli’s birthday presents. The heroes were trained enough to capture them and tie them up and blast them with spidey spray.


For food, the heroes and their parents enjoyed some “wonder dogs” and various fruits/veggies/chips that promised to improve their super powers (ex. Improved Laser Vision, Super Strength, mind reading capabilities…). We had chocolate cupcakes (with these free toppers from lessthanperfectlifeisbliss) and liquorice and oreos and opened some fab superhero-inspired gifts.


Decorations were minimal – assorted superhero toys we already had, leftover balloons from the birthday party at my parents house the week before, spidey wrapping paper for table cloths. I covered a giant E with comic book pages and cut some triangles into a banner. I used black fabric from my classroom bulletin boards and garbage bag webs. I made a quick cityscape backdrop with wrapping paper and construction paper for behind the food table. I had good intentions of making a piñata and Photo Booth, but then decided not to.

Our loot bags included mini play doh, colouring pages, spinning tops, stickers, bouncy balls and a teensy bag of skittles (with these free labels). I made some superhero tootsie pops too. I packaged them into paper bags with a print out of a comic book hero on the front.

Most of the ideas we used were mix-and-matched and inspired by various Superhero parties found online.

Eli and his pals had a tonne of fun. The next morning he woke up asking if he could have his party again.