Project Life 2015: January & February

funkylindsay project life 2015

After cranking out all of 2014 using the Project Life app all at once, I decided to keep up on my pages for 2015 as I go this year. Every week or so, once I have a couple of photos, I click up a spread. My loose goal is to have 3-4 pages a month, but I am not too strict about that.

funkylindsay project life  I’ve noticed that my favourite spreads are the ones with more squares. I like the look of the collage without the blank space for journalling. Writing on the actual pictures is quicker for me, and I love the look. I keep all of my backgrounds white, and I love the streamlined look of the square edges. Rounded just doesn’t do it for me. Makes me feel too soft and lovely. Our life is nutty and fun.IMG_5424

This year so far, I have kept with 12×12 pages, but I love the idea of mix-matchy sizes of pages within. I decided to take a page from one of my favourite PL bloggers Green Fingerprint and use her baby book idea with the monthly “intro” pages. They are simple and  feed my desire for mis-matched pages. I made up an easy spread in Pages an dropped in some text and photos and some of my handwritten cards. I printed them on 8×11 paper and slid them into a page protector. One side of the protector is the photo/overview of the current month and the other side is the write-up (by week) of what happened in that month. So far, so good. Thank you for the idea Cat!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.32.54 PM


My spreads don’t necessarily tell a story, and my pages tend to me mashups of candids from the days. Unless there is an event or birthday party or holiday, my pages are simply snapshots. I like to have “Abby” spreads and “Eli” spreads from roughly the same time period, but anything goes.


You should check out some of my hand drawn 3×4 and 4×3 cards here. They are digital (png) and you can use them seamlessly with the app, or print them out (pdf) on your own card stock if you use the physical kits. Show me how you use them on IG or twitter. xxoo

How do you record your family memories? Are you a digital scrapbooker? A Blurb or Shutterfly book-maker? A photo-hoarder? None of the above? Tell me.