25 Podcasts to Listen to Right now

25 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

25 Podcasts to listen to right now

I collect podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts throughout my day for entertainment, instructions and inspiration. I love them because I can listen to them where ever and whenever I’d like, I get new ideas and recommendations and learn something.  I have a sort of ADD when it comes to podcasts. I fall in and out of love with different shows all the time. It’s like my bloglovin’ feed and my crafting passions – fluid and interchanging.

A couple of weeks ago Jess Forster asked if she could interview me for her podcast Pocket Talk – where she interviews pocket scrapbookers. I was shocked, as her previous interviewees were a couple of my blogging idols, and as scared as I was, I said “sure!”. It was posted Friday. I am nervous to hear my voice. Please go listen and tell me what you think. (click link or search in itunes) I hope I don’t sound like a dink.

After that, please check out some of my current favourite podcasts, divided into categories that encompass my life. Parenting, Blogging/Techy, Reading, Creative & Smartypants. I haven’t found any teaching podcasts to listen to yet (I haven’t even searched), but I imagine they’ll round out my listening enjoyment soon enough.

Here are 25 podcasts to listen to right now!

25 podcasts to listen to right now

The Inspired to Action Podcast, Mom & Dad are Fighting: Slate’s Parenting Podcast, The Art of Simple Podcast, Read Aloud RevivalThe Longest Shortest Time

25 podcasts to listen to right now

Elise gets Crafty, After the JumpHow they blog, Creative Start, Spark

25 podcasts to listen to right now

Books on the Nightstand, Serial, Canada Reads, CraftLit, Criminal

25 podcasts to listen to right now
Pocket Talk, The Mindful Creator, Balzer Design’s Adventures in Arting, Craftsanity, While She Naps

25 podcasts to listen to right now
Stuff You missed in History Class, Grammar Girl, DNTO, This American LifeInto It with Elle Collins


If you have never listened to a podcast – Try it out. (And if you are completely clueless, click here to check out my tutorial about how to listen). If you have any questions, please ask – and let me know what you think!

If you are already a podcast listener – do you have any recommendations for me?