March Art Journal Pages

I have been (loosely) participating in  Caylee and Lauren‘s Get Messy Art Journal Challenge and wanted to share my progress on my March Art Journal Pages. I am still working on carving out time to actually work on these pages instead of marathoning them all at once. Being a mom of a socially-active 4 year old boy who needs a constant playmate and a nursing baby, time for myself is at a minimum – which is why I love to stay up to the wee hours of the night to get my creative groove on. I’ve always been a night owl. For as long as I can remember. Like with my February pages, I both love, love, love and hate, hate, hate my March spreads all at the same time.

For this spread I used paper scraps, quotes by others (get your free brush script downloads from Polka Dot Creative), washi tape and sharpies. There is something about cutting at pasting late at night while everyone is sleeping that I love.


I picked up some water colour gel crayons, and oh my! Where have these been. The following spread is done almost entirely with them. They are a fast way to get colour down on paper for backgrounds that dry quickly. My favourite is acrylic mixing and I have used ink pads in the past, but I love this new medium.


I played with cheapo watercolours for this spread and doodles with sharpies and paper scraps. I am not sure if this one is quite finished yet, but I really like the colour scheme. I re-worked the Anne of Green Gables quote about 8 times. But I think I am satisfied.


I like the left side of this spread (a series of magazine squares decorated with black sharpies), but I really don’t like the right side. It seems empty. Blank. Lack-lustre. Boring. I need to pile on more layers or paint over it. I’m not sure what it is that I dislike. But I dislike it.


Washi and watercolours. I love adding photos of my family (current photos or retro photos that I borrow from my mom’s photo albums). They add an extra punch of love and personality. This is one of my first photos of Eli & Abby together. They spent a lot of hours on the carpet together in those early days. I added some magazine strips and a page from my agenda that fell out. This one is pink too. I’ve been feeling very pink lately.


Do you art journal? Do you paint/draw/cut+paste? Have you never tried? It is therapeutic and inspiring.

You should join too. xxoo

oh yeah.

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